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Reptiles: Snakes: Handling

Snakes have poor eyesight and rely on their sense of smell. Use slow movements, so as not to suprise or startle them.


Snakes: Housing

Snakes are escape artists, so if you want to keep yours, always make sure the cage has a tight-fitting, secure lid.


Hide boxes make your reptile feel secure

Some Snake species are very secretive. Give them places to hide in, and they will feel much more secure.


Keep'em warm - cage heat sources

Reptiles need an extra heat-source for their cage. Under-tank heaters are generally the safest type of heater.


When will my snake shed its skin?

When a snake is about to shed its skin, its eyes will turn milky white. In about a week, it will begin to shed.


Reptiles and the law: is your pet legal?

Always check local regulations before you get a pet reptile. Some species are illegal to own in certain areas.


HOW big does it get? Better know beforehand!

If you are going to invest in a pet reptile, research them first. Some reptiles can get quite large. (Example - a Burmese python can grow 10 feet in 1 year!)

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