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Here's Lookin' At Ya

Did you know that chameleons can use their eyes independently to track two different things at the same time? You can watch their eyes rotate in opposite directions if you move your hands on either side of a chameleon's head.

"The chamaeleonid is able to see the range of colors from red through violet. However, the eye cannot perceive either ultraviolet or infrared. Analysis of the retina shows an abscence of rods and melanin pigments necessary for nocturnal vision; therefore, the chamaeleonids have only diurnal vision and their activity depends on the intensity of the light."
- Francois Le Berre, The New Chamaeleon Handbook


Go climb a tree!

Chameleons are arboreal, meaning that they like to climb. Their oddly shaped feet evolved as a special adaptation for clinging onto branches, and don't work nearly so well on the ground. Keep your chameleon happy by making sure there are plenty of branches for it to climb on.


Let it rain

Chameleons like it when it rains. Many of them will drink only by licking raindrops from leaves and branches. Since it isn't likely to rain inside your house, you will have to simulate this by giving your tropical chameleons a good spray at least once a day. A standard spray bottle will do, but make sure it is new and has not been used for any dangerous chemicals or pesticides.

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