Safer Handling

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Safer Handling

Don't even consider purchasing a crocodilian as a pet unless you have sufficient time, space and safety tools to deal with them when they reach adult size. A crocodilian under 11' can be safely handled using a snout rope, which is a tight noose around the jaws placed either by a snout pole (a hollow pipe with the rope running through it, the noose on one end) or thrown by a lasso. Additional ropes may be secured around the midbody (behind one or both forelegs) if the animal needs to be moved. The eyes should be covered with a towel or shirt and taped to keep the animal calm. For short distance moves (just out of the pool) they can be dragged; moderate distance moves (across park grounds) may require the animal be placed on a board and the board dragged by a motor vehicle. To get the animals into the back of a truck, a ramp may be used and the animal "walked" up it, dragged from the front by ropes and pushed from the back by handlers bearing the weight of the tail.

Don't try this at home. You need an experienced team of handlers to work with an adult crocodilian.



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