Assist (forced) feeding 1: the mechanics

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Assist (forced) feeding 1: the mechanics

The last resort for picky eaters is assisted or forced feeding. You will need a plastic syringe with a ball tipped stainless steel medicating tip, which is sold by and It is called a livestock oral medicating syringe tip, and it has a rounded end so that it does not injure a reptile's delicate mouth. The jaws are opened carefully, usually by your assistant, and the syringe full of the mixture is introduced down the throat. Be careful not to put the tip down the windpipe, which is the smaller opening in front. The tip should go at least a half inch down the throat in lizards (to avoid their pushing the food back out) and several inches in snakes. Don't let any air stay in the syringe, and give only the amount of formula by volume that the animal would get in a large normal feeding.



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