Giving up your reptile for adoption?

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Giving up your reptile for adoption?

A surprising number of reptile pets are given up for adoption by owners who can no longer care for them. Typical reasons are that the animal has grown too big or too aggressive, or the owner is moving or otherwise changing their living situation.

You can increase your chances of not being responsible for an animal's suffering by researching the pets you buy before you buy them. Don't get that cute little Burmese python unless you are prepared to house and feed it when it is an 18 or 20 foot long adult. If you do find yourself in the sad situation of having to give an animal up, you should put together a care package for its new owner that will help them do their best for the animal. Print out a care sheet from the appropriate Links section here, and consider sending along things like a cage, a supply of food and any supplements or vitamins the animal needs.

Most zoos will turn down common reptiles that are put up for adoption. They do not want your iguana or your large python. Your best chance is to find a new owner who will take your animal, and that means being prepared to make the animal part of an attractive package with care information and supplies.



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