Special snakes for sale (joke)

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Special snakes for sale (joke)

Buying expensive snakes from breeders that are supposed to be heterozygous for this trait or that can turn out to be a real nightmare. I have seen what looked suspiciously like freshly wild caught snakes being sold at high prices as "het for" something. This prompted me to write the following ad:

For Sale: a litter of baby cornsnake vipers that are het for legs, double het for wings and triple het for fur! They are bargain priced at only $5,000 each. They look a lot like normal cornsnakes but really they are rare cornsnake vipers from the Ituri forest that have evolved to mimic cornsnakes so that people will import them and keep them as pets. They are all venomoid, too.

The seller of these snakes is obviously het for your wallet, and anyone who buys one must be het for retard.

Send me your money now to reserve the pick of the litter! The first five people to send me $5,000 also get a free tadpole. The tadpoles are very special; their father was actually a prince, so they are het for royalty.



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