Safe Cages: Eliminating Nose Rubbing

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Safe Cages: Eliminating Nose Rubbing

Snakes and some lizards are prone to "nose rubbing", or repeatedly pushing their faces against parts of the cage. If you see this stress related behavior, consider redesigning the cage to offer more room or more "hide space" or both. Just as importantly, make sure you cage has no rough spots (such as wire mesh) that can rub the scales right off your snake.

You can help eliminate the behavior by offering a better cage. Most reptiles like to feel safely hidden, and offering them some cover to hide under (a "hide box", some leaves or plants, etc) can help a lot.

When shedding, reptiles appreciate a rough rock to rub against, but this should be kept in the middle of the cage where it won't stimulate the nose-rubbing behavior.



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