Reptile Adoption: An Alternative to Pet Stores

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Reptile Adoption: An Alternative to Pet Stores

Did you know that you can save a lot of money (and maybe an animal's life) by adopting an unwanted or homeless reptile instead of buying one at the pet store? There are a number of good Internet resources that can help you list yourself as a qualified "parent" who is willing to take on the care of a snake or lizard that the original owner needs to give away. Look under the Links section - Adoption - for these online resources.

You can also give out a flyer giving your information and qualifications at local zoos, pet stores and animal shelters. While reptiles are not the most common pet to be given up for adoption, plenty of people do try to give their unwanted snake or lizard to these kinds of places, and they just can't handle them all. But if you're already in line as a community resource, you might just get some good referrals.

Before adopting any animal, be sure that you understand its care and housing requirements and are prepared to give it a quality home.



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