Cheap, effective reptile cages for about $3

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Cheap, effective reptile cages for about $3

What do we use in the back of the zoo and the venom lab, where the display qualities of a cage don't matter as much as keeping the animal in good health? Believe it or not, plastic shoeboxes and Tupperware. These make much better cages than glass aquariums because they can be drilled or holed with a soldering iron to offer plenty of ventilation from the sides. Make sure you have a securely closing top, or a stack of cages with a brick on top, and you're good to go. Some large scale breeders build racks, or shelves that can accommodate hundreds of these ventilated plastic boxes. They aren't the best for display, but they are the most convenient for the hobbyist and perfectly healthy for the snake.

Warning: a few species of snake and a number of lizards need more room than the rest, and won't be content in a shoebox. Make sure you know your species requirements before setting up housing.



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