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Corn Snakes Come In Many Colors - and they make a good beginner's snake, too

Corn snakes are the guppies of the snake world. Hobbyists have produced color morphs ranging from the brilliant crimson and orange "sunglow" and the pastel yellow "Butter corn" to the striking blacks and greys of the amelanistic phases.

Corn snakes are an excellent beginner's snake, being easy to care for and maintain in captivity. They are eager feeders on prekilled or thawed mice, and do well at a median temperature range (25C to 30C). They are usually gentle and docile, and rarely bite. Some can exceed five feet in length, but as they are small and slender of body compared to the boas and pythons, they can be housed in much smaller accommodations.


Don't breed too young

Corn snakes breed like the proverbial guppy, which is a delight to most owners. Be careful however, as they can breed too young if kept together. A snake that is bred too young is at risk for developmental problems, so it's best to house them seperately until they are full grown and you know you are ready to mate them.

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