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Travelling with your reptile

When you are travelling with your reptile, keep the following things in mind. Carelessness can kill your pet very quickly, and there are many hazards to a "reptile on the road" with their owner.

Keep its temperature moderate. Heat can kill a reptile very quickly, especially if they are left in a car alone. It's not enough just to crack the windows; your pet needs to be in the shade and sheltered, since it isn't safe to let it move around the car and look for its own shelter. In an air conditioned motel room, your reptile may need a source of heat to keep it warm. Extended cold can depress a reptile's immune system severely and render it vulnerable to illness or parasites.

Offer water frequently. Your reptile may be thirsty. Allow it a chance to drink at least every few hours if the temperature is warm, and every day if the weather is cool. If necessary, wet down your pet to help keep it hydrated and cool.

Don't stress the animal with overhandling. Your reptile deserves a break in a safe and comfortable place. A warm, dark duffel bag that has good ventilation (mesh panels) or a cloth pillowcase in a place it can rest undisturbed is a must for the majority of your pet's time. Walking around for hours with your pet on your shoulder or around your neck is very stressful on your pet.

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