Assist (forced) feeding 2: Carnivore formula

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Assist (forced) feeding 2: Carnivore formula

Be sure to read the first assisted feeding tip to learn the mechanics first, as this is an advanced technique that can injure or kill a reptile if not done properly. For carnivorous lizards and snakes, a good formula is half and half Gerber's chicken and Gerber's lamb strained baby food, mixed with some Jump Start or NutriCal concentrated calorie supplement and thinned with a bit of Pedialyte or Gatorade to the consistency of toothpaste. Purchase NutriCal or Jump Start at your local pet store or in the Dealer's links section here, and Pedialyte (an electrolyte fluid for infants) in the same place you buy the baby food. The proportions are about one jar of baby food to one tablespoon of Jump Start to 2 tablespoons of Gatorade or Pedialyte. I also add a small pinch of appropriate reptile vitamins and a small dab of a probiotic supplement that helps benign bacteria flourish in the gut, such as Foal Starter. You can purchase Foal Starter at If you are in an emergency situation, you could use just the Gerber's baby food thinned with water or the electrolyte solution.



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