Snake Hooks

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Snake Hooks

If you keep snakes that are less than perfectly tame, or venomous snakes, you should definitely think about using safety tools for their handling. One of the most common safety tools is the snake hook, which is essentially a long stick with a hook at the end that is used to lift and move recalcitrant or snappish snakes. Designs of snake hooks can be very different, ranging from my favorite deeply bent long hook made by Midwest ( to lightweight V-shaped hook designs with flattened ends that are good for scooping up neonates.

You can make your own hooks at home, but keep in mind that the larger the snake you intend to pick up with them, the wider and sturdier the hook needs to be in order to give the snake a safe and comfortable ride. Using too small or too thin a hook can break a snake`s ribs.



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